Our members are parents awaiting to develop or expand their family through adoption or who have successfully adopted and are eager to help others in their journey. 

Benefits of FPA Membership

FPA members receive support and education around adoption through our network of adoptive families, waiting parents, and adoption professionals. We maintain and strengthen our network through:


  • Buddy System - The "Buddy" system provides a guide for people who are just entering the adoption process.  Volunteers have recently successfully completed an adoption are matched with prospective parents to provide information and support throughout the process.  If you've recently completed an adoption and would be willing to volunteer to be a buddy for someone else, please contact buddy@ffpa.org for more information.


  • Closed Facebook Group - Members Only! FPA members can request to join our closed Facebook group, where members reach out to each other with questions and for support. Members can also share pictures, relevant articles or events that are related to adoption/parenting. It is also used to announce upcoming events and other information relevant to adoptive and prospective parents, as well as adoption professionals.

  • FPA Events - In various locations we host events to help connect and network with other adopting parents and those who have successfully adopted with the help of FPA.



As a volunteer-run nonprofit organization, we rely on members like you to help achieve our mission to support and educate those seeking to build their families through adoption. We welcome volunteers for the following. Please indicate which activities you are interested in including:


  • If you have successfully adopted: Volunteer to be a buddy to a newcomer. The "Buddy" system provides a guide for people who are just entering the adoption process.  Volunteers who have successfully completed an adoption are matched with newcomers to provide information and support throughout the process.

  • Help with events: Register workshop participants, event set up/cleanup, talk with prospective adoptive parents about private adoption and your adoption story, etc.


Become a Member!

Memberships are renewed annually and begin each calendar year.


Membership Types 

  1. New Membership: When you enroll in the FPA Successful Adoption Workshop, it includes membership for the calendar year (January-December).

  2. Renewal Membership: allows attendance to all "member only" events, workshops, Buddy Program and network resources; $45 per year

  3. Alumni: Past members who would like to continue to aid with networking and want to attend "member only" events; Free membership

  4. Sponsoring Adoption Professional: $100 includes all benefits for members and marketing on FPA webpage




To become a new member or to renew your membership:

1.     Complete the FPA Workshop/Membership Fillable Form (and follow the instructions below) or

        complete an on-line application.

2.     IMPORTANT NOTE: You must download, complete & SAVE the .pdf first                                                       (otherwise we receive a BLANK form)

3.     Send the completed FPA Workshop/Membership Form by e-mail to INFO@ffpa.org

4.     Pay through the “Donate” button